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  • cwic — adj quick, living, alive; noun living things [also cuc, cucu archaic; occasional acc sing masc cucone, cucune)] …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • cwicǽht — f ( e/ e) livestock …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • cwic — alive …   The Old English to English

  • alive — cwic …   English to the Old English

  • Cindi Walters — is the founder and president of Chapman Walters Intercoastal Corporation (CWIC), a corporation which develops and manufactures diving, snorkeling and recreational aquatics equipment. She took over bankrupt Sea Pro, a California based water sports …   Wikipedia

  • St Buryan — infobox UK place country = England latitude= 50.075 longitude= 5.620833 official name= St Buryan cornish name= Eglosborrie population = 1,215 (2001 Census) shire district= Penwith region= South West England shire county= Cornwall constituency… …   Wikipedia

  • St Blazey — St Blazey, or St Blaise, is a small town and civil parish in the Restormel district of mid Cornwall, in England, UK. The St Blazey form of the name is usually used to refer to the place, whilst the parish and town council is referred to by the St …   Wikipedia

  • Cornish tartans — are thought to be a modern tradition started in early to mid 20th Century. The first modern kilt was plain black, and other patterns followed. It is documented that a garmant known as a braccae (a reddish checkered tunic) was worn by Celtic races …   Wikipedia

  • Quick — This interesting name is of Anglo Saxon origin, and has a number of possible interpretations. The first of these is from the Old English pre 7th Century word cwic , Middle English quik , alive, lively, given originally as a nickname to an agile… …   Surnames reference

  • Q — (k[=u]), the seventeenth letter of the English alphabet, has but one sound (that of k), and is always followed by u, the two letters together being sounded like kw, except in some words in which the u is silent. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Quick — Quick, a. [Compar. {Quicker}; superl. {Quickest}.] [As. cwic, cwicu, cwucu, cucu, living; akin to OS. quik, D. kwik, OHG. quec, chec, G. keck bold, lively, Icel. kvikr living, Goth. qius, Lith. q[=y]vas, Russ. zhivoi, L. vivus living, vivere to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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